I made this Tiramisu to celebrate two things. First, this blog has reached its 3rd year! Happy Anniversary! Woo hoo! I can’t believe I have been writing for 3 years. It has been an incredible journey. I have met a group of bloggers through blogging and learned tons of things from them. Also, I have explored a lot of new recipes and food that I have never tried before, like brussels sprouts, veal, fennel, and beet. It has been a really fun experience. I can’t wait for many more years to come. I will keep working hard and share more great recipes with you all.

Second, it was my birthday on Sunday. I didn’t want to buy a cake this year, so I made myself one of my favorite dessert, Tiramisu. About 15 years ago in Hong Kong, my family and I went to a Spanish restaurant with some friends. At the end of the meal, we had Tiramisu. To this day, I still remember how amazing that Tiramisu was. It was moist, creamy, sweet with a hint of coffee and rum. It was more like a mousse/pudding than cake. That was unforgettable. Every since then, I always search for Tiramisu like that. Until recent years, I tasted the Tiramisu in CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It was creamy and moist which reminds me so much of the one I like. This Tiramisu recipe is kind of like that. The mascarpone cream is smooth and creamy like a zabaglione. With theĀ marsala wine and rum, the Tiramisu was perfect. If I would never gain weight, I really would eat this everyday.

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Mushroom Risotto

Risotto? After watching a few seasons of Hell’s Kitchen, risotto seems to be a must-try at home. So far, this mushroom risotto is the only risotto that I made. I love the earthy flavors and the salty prosciutto. It is hard to give this up and make something else. My risotto may not be perfect, but it is delicious! I just hope Wolfgang Puck won’t yell at me or something (If you have watched season 7 Food Network Star, you will know what I mean.). And for those of you who are meat eaters, this is not a vegetarian dish. You get your prosciutto! That’s why Bryan has no complain at all! He likes the dish!

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