Curry Fried Rice with Spam


If I start to talk about fried rice, this will be an endless topic. There are all different kinds of fried rice. You can pretty much put anything in it. Some fried rice are moist and sticky, and some are dry. Some cook with soy sauce and some cook with ketchup. No matter what fried rice you make, it is important to give it enough flavors.

I am lucky to stumble upon this fried rice recipe from Uni Homemaker. Not only there is Spam, there is also curry powder. The flavor profile just sounds amazing. Savory bites from the Spam, a hint of spiciness from the curry, sweetness from the vegetables, and the umami flavors from the soy sauce. Great balance of flavors. Love this fried rice!

Let’s talk a bit more about Spam. I grew up eating Spam. We usually eat it pan fried and with instant ramens or noodles. If you haven’t tried Spam, you may think it is some not-so-good looking ground meat thing. But after they are sliced and pan fried, they are some tasty golden brown meat slices. When you first bite into the Spam, it is savory and a bit salty. Then the pork flavor would come through. It is absolutely delicious!

Now, go and make some fried rice with Spam!

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Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl

It has been hot in the past two weeks. When it is hot, it is not very pleasant to cook in my apartment. It gets really hot in the kitchen, especially when I have the oven on. It is like a sauna. I would sweat like a pig. To prevent this, I tried to cook something fast and easy or not “cook” at all. This spicy tuna rice bowl is the perfect no-cook meal. It tasted light and delicious. After you have tried this, you will never need to buy spicy tuna bowl from outside. Have fun making it and enjoy!

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Mushroom Risotto

Risotto? After watching a few seasons of Hell’s Kitchen, risotto seems to be a must-try at home. So far, this mushroom risotto is the only risotto that I made. I love the earthy flavors and the salty prosciutto. It is hard to give this up and make something else. My risotto may not be perfect, but it is delicious! I just hope Wolfgang Puck won’t yell at me or something (If you have watched season 7 Food Network Star, you will know what I mean.). And for those of you who are meat eaters, this is not a vegetarian dish. You get your prosciutto! That’s why Bryan has no complain at all! He likes the dish!

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Creamy Lemon Shrimp with Rice

Last year, I saw Giada making this dish on TV. It looked so amazing, and I just had to try making it. I love it! It is creamy, fresh, and stuffing. Bryan is not a fan. He thinks the flavors combination is weird. Therefore, I only made this dish while Bryan can’t come home for dinner. Hmmmm…. I get to enjoy the whole thing by myself…. Yum yum! You can serve this dish with a vegetable side dish, then, you have the perfect meal. Give this recipe a try!

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Japanese Fried Rice

After trying Benihana, it is hard to not think about their fried rice. This recipe is my version of Japanese fried rice. It may not be the same as the Benihana one, but it is absolutely delicious! I used sausage instead of chicken. It is more convenient, and it added some smoky flavor into the fried rice. The crushed garlic is the key. Remember to put it in! This is the only fried rice that I made. I usually made 4 servings, therefore Bryan and I can save the rest for lunches. I really don’t mind eating this everyday!

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