Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog!

This blog is about four things: Eat, Cook, Learn, and Live

Eat: I love to eat. I just love food! There are many things for me to try in this world. I am adventurous, and I am not afraid to try every single things from different ethnic and cultures. It can be high-end dining or street food or home cook meal. I believe food is what ties everyone together. But if it is bugs, I may have to think again.

Cook: Since I love to eat, cooking seems to be the next logic step. Being away from my home country, Hong Kong, it is important for me to learn how to cook. It all began when I miss some of the great flavors from home. If I want that food, I will have to cook it myself. Other than home country food, I love to bake. Desserts make me smile. I know that I am not an expert in cooking, but I would love to share some of my favorite recipes.

Learn: There is always something to learn everyday. No matter it is the new way of cooking or a new food term, everyday is full of excitement. For example, I have found out recently that Peruvian use guinea pigs as good. Some people treat a specific animal as pet, and other cultures see that animal as food. That is ok, and we just have to learn to understand.

Live: “Live happily everyday” is my motto. I would share some of my feelings and interesting things about my life. There is so much to offer in this world. Either it is a good day or bad day, you have to live. If so, just be happy!