Happy Turkey Day!

It was an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. Bryan, my sister and I were so stuffed after two big meals.

For lunch, we were in my in-laws’ place. My in-laws are Salvadorans. They don’t do traditional American Thanksgiving. They have lunch gathering. My mother-in-law cooked her turkey in a tomato broth. Then, she put the turkey with bread, radish, cucumber, onion, and lettuce to make a sandwich. That sandwich was incredible! It is definitely one of the best sandwiches that I have in my life. I would never get tired of that! The turkey was so moist and flavorful.

My Mother-In-Law’s Turkey Sandwiches

After lunch, Bryan, my sister and I went home to cook dinner. It took about 4 hours. The meal was actually pretty good. When we opened the turkey package, I realized that we mistakenly bought the turkey breast. But I still cooked it like a normal turkey. The turkey came out ok. The meat was a bit rough and tough. As my dad would say, it is like eating an eraser. Other than the turkey, everything was good. The green bean casserole was the best.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Desserts were also great! My in-laws love the pumpkin cupcakes, and my father-in-law had 3 at once! The pumpkin gooey butter cake was gooey and tasty. Bryan loves that as always!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake

In this week, I will post some of my good Thanksgiving recipes. There is no need to wait until next Thanksgiving for some good food.


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