Apple Crumbles

Apple Crumble

A couple of years ago, we went to an apple farm to pick apples. It was tons of fun and we picked many apples. With that amount of apples, it was hard to eat them all raw. So I found this crumbles recipe from Ina Garten and turned it into apple crumbles.

Today, I am finally posting this recipe. The apples were tender with a little bite. It was warm and tart with the crispy topping. Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it was like apple a la mode. It is a very easy dessert with little work to do. If you still need a dessert for the holiday party, this would be a winner. Light and comforting. Great flavors to end a feast!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a blast with your families and friends! Eat more!

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! My Thanksgiving meal turned out great! I was most excited about the dinner rolls. Since I have never made it before, it can really turned into a disaster. But at the end, they came out soft and delicious. The turkey legs were flavorful and moist after the brine. The angel food cake came out good as expected. The strawberry sauce definitely dressed up the whole cake. Pumpkin pie was fine, but the crust was a bit hard and dry. I will really need more practices to make the pie crust perfect. Overall, food was good, and I am happy that everyone had a good time.

Turkey legs ready to be roasted

Dinner was served!

Lemon Angel Food Cake with Strawberry Sauce

Pumpkin Pie

Right now, I am trying to get better from the flu. Thanks to my sister who spread me her germs on Thanksgiving day. The good thing is that I didn’t start feeling sick until Sunday. Hope I will be back to normal before this weekend.

Thanksgiving Meal Planning

Thanksgiving is coming up next Thursday. Do you have a plan? I just came up with my menu yesterday. If you are still thinking about what to make, I have some recipe ideas for you below.

Most of my recipes from my menu this year are new recipes, so I am not able to post anything yet. But you can check out some of my older recipes. They may inspire you for your Thanksgiving menu.

Main course:

Side dishes:


Stuffed Cornish Hens

My cute little Cornish hens came out to be delicious this Thanksgiving. It was very juicy, even the breast part. It was a lot easier to make than I would expect. And, I like the portion size. The stuffing was sweet and tasty. Although Bryan and my sister thought the stuffing was too sweet, I like the sweetness with the savory hens. These hens are perfect for any dinner party. They are great for presentation, and I am sure your guests would be impressed. They don’t have to wait until next Thanksgiving for sure!

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Thanksgiving Meal

This Thanksgiving, I had a great and relaxing time. The meal went really well. My sister and I were the chefs. It took us less time to make 4 dishes than I expected. The cornish hens were moist and juicy. I like them. I think the hens are definitely better than a turkey. The portion was much smaller. The side dishes were good too. Since there were so much food, we were so full that we couldn’t eat dessert. We saved the cheesecake for the next day. I will post some of the recipes later.

How was your Thanksgiving? Hope you had a good time.

Lemon Pepper Honey Toasts, Stuffed Cornish Hens, Southwest Potato Salad, and Green Bean Casserole

Cornish Hen with Side Dishes

Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Wow… Thanksgiving is next week already! This will be my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner that I am holding. I won’t be making turkey, because Bryan, my sister and I all didn’t like turkey much. I will be making Cornish hens instead. I will use a few recipes that I have posted before. If you need some recipes ideas, check out the links below.

I can’t wait to start cooking! Hope everything will be delicious!

Lokness 2011 Thanksgiving Menu

Main course:

Stuffed Cornish Hens (New recipe)

Side dishes:

Lemon Pepper Honey Toast (Read)

Southwest Potato Salad (New recipe)

Green Bean Casserole (Read)


Pumpkin Cheesecake (New recipe)

Banana Pudding (For my in-laws’ Thanksgiving lunch) (Read)

Pumpkin Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing

This Thanksgiving, I was thinking to make some kind of pumpkin dessert. But I have made the pumpkin gooey bar (Read) for the past two years. I wanted to have something new and different. Finally, I have decided on this pumpkin cupcake recipe. My father-in-law ate 3 of these cupcakes at one time, and my mother-in-law asked me to make these again for Christmas. I love these cupcakes too! They are not too sweet, but flavorful. The cream cheese icing is absolutely perfect with the cupcakes. This recipe is very simple, and it won’t take you all day!

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Happy Turkey Day!

It was an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. Bryan, my sister and I were so stuffed after two big meals.

For lunch, we were in my in-laws’ place. My in-laws are Salvadorans. They don’t do traditional American Thanksgiving. They have lunch gathering. My mother-in-law cooked her turkey in a tomato broth. Then, she put the turkey with bread, radish, cucumber, onion, and lettuce to make a sandwich. That sandwich was incredible! It is definitely one of the best sandwiches that I have in my life. I would never get tired of that! The turkey was so moist and flavorful.

My Mother-In-Law’s Turkey Sandwiches

After lunch, Bryan, my sister and I went home to cook dinner. It took about 4 hours. The meal was actually pretty good. When we opened the turkey package, I realized that we mistakenly bought the turkey breast. But I still cooked it like a normal turkey. The turkey came out ok. The meat was a bit rough and tough. As my dad would say, it is like eating an eraser. Other than the turkey, everything was good. The green bean casserole was the best.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Desserts were also great! My in-laws love the pumpkin cupcakes, and my father-in-law had 3 at once! The pumpkin gooey butter cake was gooey and tasty. Bryan loves that as always!

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake

In this week, I will post some of my good Thanksgiving recipes. There is no need to wait until next Thanksgiving for some good food.

Instant Thanksgiving Meal

Hate Thanksgiving cooking? I got you an instant Thanksgiving meal idea.

This is very funny. Bryan and I were walking around Walgreens, and I found these! Haha…. I guess babies would love to have some mushy turkey and gravy too. And of course, we can’t miss out the sweet potatoes, apple, and cinnamon!

Who knows? Maybe these baby foods are tasty!

Now, you got yourself an instant meal!

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

There is one more week until Thanksgiving. I think it is time to get moving.

This will be my first Thanksgiving at home. For the first two years in the US, I didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving. I didn’t know what Thanksgiving was, and I didn’t pay too much attention about it. I just used the long-weekend holiday to have some fun and relax. In my third year in the US, I went to a family friend’s house. I had my first turkey, and my first Thanksgiving meal. Even through the friends are Chinese, but the meal was nice. My fourth Thanksgiving was with Bryan. We were dating at the time. I went to his parents’ house. Bryan is Salvadorian, so they don’t have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, they have lunch. I had a incredible turkey sandwich. That has to be one of the best sandwiches. And later, we went to Bryan’s friend’s family for a traditional American meal. In there, I had my first dry turkey, but I also discover my love with green bean casserole. Hahaha… Last few years, Bryan and I had our Thanksgiving lunches with Bryan’s family and dinners at a friend’s house.

This year, I will be hosting my very own Thanksgiving meal. My sister has just came to the US, so I finally have family in the country. And, we can celebrate Thanksgiving together. The dinner will just be Bryan, my sister and me, but I am still very excited. I have my menu all planned out. I have bought the turkey already. It is a 7-lb little turkey. And, I just finished organizing all the recipes, and writing down the shopping list.


Lokness 2010 Thanksgiving Menu:


Hong Kong Style Borscht Soup (New recipe)

Main Course:

Roast Turkey (My first turkey)

Side Dishes:

Green Bean Casserole (New recipe)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Dinner Rolls (Store bought)


Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes

Pumpkin Cupcakes (For my in-laws’ Thanksgiving lunch)

I can’t wait until next Thursday! If my Thanksgiving dinner came out good, I will post some of the successful recipes.