Dim Sum Craving

Dim sum is a type of Cantonese dish. All the dishes are in small plates, just like Spanish tapas. Dim sum is only served in the morning and afternoon. In Hong Kong, many people love to go to have dim sum in the morning after exercising. They sit down in a table; they order some dim sum; they drink a few cups of tea; and they read one or two newspapers. For my family, my parents liked to take my sister and I to dim sum every Saturday afternoon when we were little. The whole family sat down together and enjoyed a meal, and everyone can order whatever they like. It was some good memories.

Now in LA, I don’t get to have dim sum every weekend. Even though there are many Chinese dim sum places, it is a bit far for me to drive 1 hour every Saturday. Dim sum becomes a special treat for me now.

If you haven’t tried dim sum before, you are really missing out! This dim sum guide will just be perfect for you! The guide has the most basic dim sum choices. The only thing that I would add is the rice noodles rolls. Some meat (beef/BBQ pork/shrimp) are wrapped in the flat rice noodles roll with sweet soy sauce on top. Bryan’s favorite is spare ribs. My favorite is probably the sweet BBQ pork bun (It is not in the guide, but it is just the BBQ pork bun filling with a sweet bun.)

At the bottom of the guide, it said “Fight convincingly over bill”. It is so true!!! Chinese love to fight over dining bills. It is not that Chinese like to spend money. We are just trying to show our hospitality. The other day, my mom just told me that she successfully got the check and paid the bill in her friends gathering. Haha…. I remember that I have seen people pretending to go to bathroom, but they actually sneaked into the cashier counter and paid the bill. Sometimes, I don’t know whether it is good or frustrated.

But anyhow, if you want dim sum in LA, I have a couple of restaurant suggestions for you. Enjoy!

Best Dim Sum I Have Had in LA So Far:

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant (3939 Rosemead Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770)

Dim Sum in Chinatown:

Empress Pavilion (988 N Hill St, Ste 201, Los Angeles, CA 90012)

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