Fall Heat Wave

Tuna and his watermelon

Tuna and his watermelon

If you live in Southern California, you probably want to get a bite from this juicy watermelon right now. It is very hot today in Los Angeles. Even I live close to the coast, it is still 108˚F. Downtown LA is 112˚F. This is definitely the hottest day in this year. Since I came to Los Angeles, it has never been this hot!

The weather this year has been a bit off. The whole summer was cool for the most part. Since last Wednesday was officially Fall, I thought the heat is over. Unfortunately, the heat is just unbearable in these few days!

Stay cool! Eat some watermelon! And, please come back, Fall! I miss you!


2 thoughts on “Fall Heat Wave

  1. oh………..the cute little toro
    he must love the sweet juicy watermelon
    but can he eat sweet food?

    • Haha… yes, toro (Fatty Tuna)!
      He loves watermelon. And yes, he can eat fruits. But he actually doesn’t like sweet stuff very much. His favorite is definitely cucumber.

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