Bye Bye Taro Sushi

Sushi is one of my favorite food.

Back in Hong Kong, my family would go out for sushi at least once a month. Sushi is very popular there. You can almost find a sushi place in every corner of downtown. But you can still see long lines all the time. At one point, there were so much competition that some places were selling HK$10 (US$1.3) a plate. Each plate had 2 pieces, and they are some decent price sushi, like salmon and tuna. Nowadays, the sushi in Hong Kong can still very inexpensive. A plate of 2 salmon sushi is about HK$13 (US$1.6) in a decent sushi chain restaurant. When Bryan and I were in Hong Kong last year, we had some fantastic sushi, and the price wasn’t over the top. That was one of Bryan’s best sushi meals.

In Los Angeles, sushi is definitely expensive. It is lucky if you can find a plate of salmon sushi for US$3 (HK$23.7). And of course, don’t expect to see quality in that. I love sushi, and I always want to have sushi. But the price can be really scary.

Taro Sushi in Culver City was one of the cheap and good sushi place. Bryan and I love that place. The cut of the fish was big, and it tasted good. The spicy tuna roll was one of the best spicy tuna I have had. It was flavorful, but not too spicy. The tempura was crunchy and tasty. We spent less than $30 each time, and we were full and satisfied. Unfortunately, Taro has closed down now. As I heard, the owner has retired. Bryan and I were both really sad. It is hard to see a good restaurant go, especially with the ones that you attach to. Taro will sure be missed…

Salmon Sushi and Spicy Tuna Roll @ Taro Sushi

Now, we just have to find another cheap and good sushi-to-go place. It is not going to be easy. Last night, we tried Ugly Roll Sushi. Sadly, it really can’t compare to Taro. Some of the fish had no flavor. But at least, the rainbow roll was good.

If you know a good sushi place, please let me know. We are willing to give it a try.


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