McDonald’s and Wedding: A Perfect Marriage (Hong Kong)

To most, McDonald’s and wedding do not seem to be related. But, Hong Kong McDonald’s has pushed out wedding packages early this year for bride and groom to have an unforgettable wedding party at McDonald’s. Since I grew up in HK, this isn’t too much of a surprise for me.

McDonald’s is a huge hit in Hong Kong for many years now. Back in my childhood, McDonald’s was a special treat. I got to go to McDonald’s during special occasions and only a couple times a year. You have to realize that in Hong Kong there are many other food options and McDonald’s is not necessary the cheapest thing.

During my elementary school years, I would receive some McDonald’s birthday party invitation cards. It is every child’s dream to have a birthday party at McDonald’s. There are exclusive private rooms in some McDonald’s that are for party. The rooms usually are designed specially with McDonald’s characters. There are games that are led by McDonald’s host. And, of course, everyone loves the food and gifts. I was so envious that my friends could have their birthday parties at McDonald’s. I never got to have one.

When I was in high school, McDonald’s started to make some great changes. They introduced McCafes, which were located everywhere. McCafes are nicely decorated. Instead of selling burgers and fries, they sell good quality coffee, cold drinks, baked goods, and desserts. McCafe is seen as cool and hip.

A few years back, I heard that McDonald’s had started to do parties for grown up. And some of my high school friends have actually had their birthday parties there. Recently, some McDonald’s locations even provide Xbox 360 Kinect for the guests to play. You may think who would want to have a party in McDonald’s. We all grew up with McDonald’s. For those of us who couldn’t have a party at McDonald’s back in the day, we can do it now. So it makes perfect sense.

Now for the wedding, it is the same idea. McDonald’s can be a fun and memorable party for the couple and the guests, and it must be one of the best budget deals out there. For those couples who are looking for something fun and simple, McDonald’s wedding packages may not be too bizarre after all. Will it be a success? It is probably too early to tell. We can only wait and see.

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