My Favorite: Vitasoy Soy Drinks

Malt Soy Drink & Chocolate Flavored Soy Drink

Vitasoy is a famous company in Hong Kong who sells beverages and desserts. Their most famous product has to be the Vitasoy soy drinks. It is a high-protein soymilk drink. The product was originally created to be an affordable and high-protein substitution for expensive whole milk. Other than the traditional soy flavor, there are tons of other flavors, like malt, chocolate, melon, and taro. Everyone in Hong Kong knows about Vitasoy soy drinks, and I am sure most kids love them.

I love Vitasoy soy drinks! It is creamy, sweet, and flavorful with a hint of soy. It was my favorite drink when I was little, but I didn’t get to drink it all the time. I remember sometimes when I went on a bike ride near my neighborhood, my mom would give me a few bucks to buy drink. And, I would always ran to the vending machine and got a melon flavored Vitasoy soy drink. Some people may say the melon flavor tastes fake, but I just like that weird artificial flavor. During my high school period, I still liked to drink Vitasoy soy drink. The school cafeteria sold a bottle version Vitasoy soy drink hot. They would keep the drinks in a hot water bath. The soy drink was hot and so delicious which was perfect at winter time, and the warm bottle was the perfect hand warmer.

Even you don’t like soy milk, you will probably like this soy drink, just choose the chocolate flavored one. With the strong chocolate taste, you won’t be able to taste the soy flavor as much. Bryan said it is just like drinking normal chocolate milk. Bryan actually really like the chocolate flavored one, and he drinks it in the morning for breakfast. My personal favorites are original, malt, melon, and chocolate. Hmm… All are good… Which one should I buy next time? Go get one and try it!

Vitasoy soy drinks are sold in 6 packs.

Want to know more about Vitasoy?

Visit their website: Read

Where can you buy Vitasoy soy drinks?

Shun Fat Supermarket (1635 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776)

99 Ranch Market (1300 S Golden West Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007)