Tokyo Trip

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese Lantern Festival! Traditionally, Chinese Lantern Festival is to celebrate the first full moon of the lunar new year. Children play with their lanterns and solve riddles on lanterns in park. People would eat glutinous rice balls and enjoy the family time together. In modern days, it is considered to be the Chinese Valentine’s Day, but people don’t do much to celebrate. Anyhow, enjoy a sweet day with your loved one. Bryan and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, so we didn’t have any plan. We are more looking forward to the long weekend. ūüôā

And yes, I have been back in town for a week. Sadly, Bryan and I are still recovering from our jet lag. We have been feeling sleepy in the morning, afternoon and night-time. Every time when I almost fall asleep on the couch, Bryan would poke my arm with his finger to keep me awake. By now, I think there are many bruises on my arm. Haha! I think we will be back to normal early next week.

Before arriving in Hong Kong, we also stayed in Tokyo for 5 days. The main goal to Hong Kong was to visit family and friends, and check out Chinese New Year. On the other side, going to Japan was all for sightseeing. We had amazing times in both Hong Kong and Tokyo. With two thousand pictures, Bryan can only go through the Japan ones for now. I will update you all about the Hong Kong trip next time.

Let’s talk about Tokyo. This was Bryan’s first time to Japan. I have only been to Japan when I was a kid, so I didn’t remember anything. Japan is a very beautiful place with very nice and polite people. We felt welcomed. Tokyo is crowded, but everyone follows rules and we always feel safe. It is no doubt a great place for tourists. As a foodie, Tokyo is heaven. There are so many different kinds of food, like sushi, tonkatsu, kaiseki, and teppanyaki. There are always something new every meal. No repeat. And for snacks, wow….. They are really everywhere, especially in train/subway stations. You will never go hungry!

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple

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Koala’s March Cookies and Hotel

What is your childhood favorite snack?

My favorite is the Koala’s March cookies. Each cookie is a koala with different expressions or actions. Who can say no to those little koalas? Eating them is like playing lottery. You never know what you are going to pull out. The crunchy crust is delicious and distinctive, and the creamy chocolate is a surprise. I can eat them all day long without a problem!

Koala’s March Cookies with Chocolate Filling

Koala’s March cookies are really popular in Hong Kong. You can find them in all supermarkets. As Bryan told me, Koala’s March used to be very popular in Los Angeles too, and most local supermarkets carry them.¬†The weird thing is Bryan and I grew up in two entire different countries, but we both like Koala’s March cookies. The world is so big, but so small.¬†Anyway, for whatever reasons, you can’t find them in local supermarkets any more. Now, you can only see them in some Asians grocery stores.

With my¬†obsession over Koala’s March, I found out that Lotte (Food company who owns Koala’s March) actually has opened a hotel with a few¬†Koala’s March¬†themed rooms. The themed rooms are filled with Koala’s March decor, like bed covers, cushions, curtains, and wallpapers. That must be a dream to live in a room like this. I hope one day, I can get to see this room. If not….. A Koala’s March plush toy?

Koala’s March Room in Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho

Want to stay in Koala’s March room?

Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho in Tokyo: Read

Can’t get enough of Koala’s March?

Visit Koala’s March Website: Read

Where can you get Koala’s March cookies?

Mitsuwa Marketplace, Nijiya Market, 99 Ranch Market (You can find them in most Asian supermarkets)

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