Toast USB Hand Warmers

Last week, I was very busy running around CES (Consumer Electronics Show) with Bryan. It was one exhausting week. Therefore, I didn’t have time to update. To end the exciting electronic week, I share with you this cute toast USB hand warmers. Now, you will never be cold while using your computer.

Toast USB Hand Warmers

Keep your hands warm!

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Yummy Wallets

The other day, I was flipping through an art supply catalog. Then, I saw a wallet that caught my eyes. It was the bacon wallet. Haha…. Just too funny. I went online, and also found a toast wallet. They were both very cute and funny.

Bacon Wallet

Toast Wallet

Where can you buy the bacon wallet?

Think Geek for $11.99 Read

Where can you buy the toast wallet?

Archie Mcphee for $11.95 Read

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Easy Garlic Toasts

I love garlic toast, especially the ones in restaurants. It is good that I have found this recipe. It is way too easy to make. I will never buy the frozen garlic toasts in the supermarkets again. These new toasts were amazing. Bryan loves them too. It was so good that I had to make extra for dinner. Tasty!

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Lemon Pepper Honey Toast

I found this recipe by watching a Hong Kong cooking TV show. At first, I was a bit hesitated with the combination of the flavors. But it came out to be amazing! The more I eat it, the more I like it. The butter was creamy, sweet, tart, and a pinch of kick from the black pepper. It is the perfect side dish. This recipe is so simple, and you can definitely make ahead. Give it a try.

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