Get Your Girl Scout Cookies

It is the time of the year for Girl Scouts Cookies! Unfortunately, Bryan and I don’t know any girl scouts. We can only buy the cookies from the booths. For the past couple years, I have always looked for the booths. The bad thing was that there was nothing a good locator website for the booths. Sometimes, it is also hard to know when the girl scouts have started to sell. Bryan and I usually have to drive around the neighborhood for a few Saturdays to find a booth. This year, Girl Scouts in Los Angeles have put out a website with excellent cookie locator! Yea, no hunting is needed!

Thin Mints & Lemon Charlet Creme

My favorite cookie is lemon chalet cremes cookie. It is creamy, lemony and light. I love it! Bryan’s favorite is thin mints cookie. It is a crispy chocolate cookie that covered with chocolate. It is minty and delicious. I wish the cookies can be found during any time of the year. If you haven’t gotten your cookies yet, you should hurry up! The selling program ends on March 20th this year. If you have missed them, you will have to wait until next year.

Girl Scouts Cookie Locator in Greater Los Angeles: Read