Thai Tea Ice Cream

After a good Thai dinner with chicken yellow curry and pineapple fried rice, it can’t be completed without a scoop of Thai tea ice cream. If you like Thai ice tea, you will love this ice cream. The orange color ice cream is vibrant and beautiful, and it is very creamy, cold with strong Thai tea flavors. Delicious! If you just want to make Thai ice tea too, read my recipe.

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Thai Pineapple Fried Rice with Shrimp

Bryan and I like to go to Thai restaurant. Our favorite is yellow curry, but pineapple fried rice also comes very close. When I came across something I really like in restaurant, I like to try to make it at home if I can. This pineapple fried rice is pretty good, and it is very easy to make. I used canned pineapple because it is a lot more convenient, but I am sure fresh pineapple would be better.

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Thai Iced Tea

Bryan and I love to order Thai iced tea when we go to eat Thai food. Thai iced tea is strong, and sweet. It is a great drink. After a few attempt, Bryan and I have come up with this recipe. It is easy, and it tastes like the one in restaurants. Now, you can pay less for more. Enjoy! 🙂

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