Banana Chocolate Chip Waffles with Salted Caramel Sauce


Bryan and I like to have breakfast as dinner once a week. Every once a while, I make pancakes or waffles as a side dish. Of course you can make them as breakfast or dessert. No matter what, these waffles will not disappoint you. They are really tasty. You can taste the sweet banana and the melting chocolate. YES, anything with chocolate chips is better.

And the sauce… Nom… Usually, I am not a fan of caramel sauce. I have always found them to be overly sweet. But to a surprise, this salted caramel sauce is not really sweet. There is a bit of saltiness which balance out the sweetness of the waffles. Amazing combination! Hope you will like it!

Also, I want to say a early Happy 4th of July to you! Have a fun BBQ day! Stay safe. Bryan will have a long weekend, so hopefully we will be doing some fun things!

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Pan Seared Rib-eye Steak with Béarnaise Sauce


A nice fancy dinner at home may just require a good piece of steak. To top it off, Béarnaise sauce will make your steak much more special. It doesn’t require much time to make, but it will sure impressed your loved one or your guests.

When it comes to steak, Bryan is the cook. I guess because he likes steak and he was the one who started to make steak in the house, so that job stays with him. But of course, I can cook it too. 🙂 There are tons of ways to cook a perfect steak. We cook our steak on the stove. No oven is needed. The steak is seared perfectly every time and it stays juicy. Very simple.

In January, when Bryan and I went to Mon Ami Gabi in Las Vegas, Bryan ordered the steak with Béarnaise sauce. It was a fantastic match. And I decided to make that at home. The sauce was so easy to make that anyone can do it. It was rich and creamy. It paired really well with the steak, but didn’t overpower the steak flavors. A great touch to a perfect steak. Love it!

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