Reese’s Minis at CES 2011

Last week, Bryan and I were in Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). We were there for Bryan’s work. We were so busy that I didn’t have time to update. Sorry about that.

Believe it or not? There was also food product being release in CES. Reese’s revealed their latest product “Reese’s Minis”.

Reese’s Secret Box

Cute little Minis

Reese’s were giving out these cute little Minis for free. I love them so much!

These Minis have no wrappers. They are just like the classic but smaller, which are perfect for one bite. I am so glad that Reese’s have finally developed a product like this. I like Reese’s, but it is usually very messy to eat. You have to unwrap the little brown paper. When you are unwrapping the paper, all the chocolate crumbs and peanuts pieces fall over the place. It is definitely hard to eat, especially in the car. Now with the Minis, there won’t be crumbs. Bryan and I had eaten many Minis in the show. I can’t wait to go out and buy more!

Reese’s Press Release: Read