New Pinkberry Flavor: Peanut Butter

Last Friday, Pinkberry pushes out their newest flavor, peanut butter.

Bryan and I went to try it last night. We only got the sample cup. The yogurt was very creamy, and it tasted just like peanut butter. It also reminded us of Reese’s peanut butter cup. But I think the peanut butter was too strong compare to the yogurt. I couldn’t get a taste of the yogurt. If you don’t know, you wouldn’t know you are eating frozen yogurt. It maybe a good or bad thing. If you don’t like the tart yogurt taste, you may think this is good. I personally enjoy the freshness and tartness of the original yogurt flavor, so I think the new flavor is just fine.

Bryan didn’t like peanut butter, so I knew that he wouldn’t like it. I am fine with peanut butter, but I am definitely not crazy over it. However if you love peanut butter, I think you will like the new flavor! And, I can see it will be good with the organic strawberry jam and some toasted bread crumbs.

Oh man, I am sad that salted caramel flavor is gone already. I miss it……..

Pinkberry Flavor Review: Salted Caramel


Classic Hong Kong Waffle

Are you tired of the normal strawberry or maple syrup waffle? A classic Hong Kong waffle will give you an exciting twist. It is like a normal waffle, but with peanut butter, sweetened condensed milk and sugar as topping. It is a great snack in Hong Kong, and children love this. You can always find this waffle on the street. When I was in high school, I used to go and get this waffle for lunch. This recipe is very good. It tasted almost like the ones in Hong Kong. The waffles were light and crispy on the outside. They were savory from the peanut butter, sweet from the condensed milk, and crunchy from the sugar and crust. Yum… I love them! I am glad that I have found this recipe, so I don’t have to wait until I visit Hong Kong. I know it sounds weird, but give this a try! I hope you will like it.

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