Thanksgiving Meal Planning

Thanksgiving is coming up next Thursday. Do you have a plan? I just came up with my menu yesterday. If you are still thinking about what to make, I have some recipe ideas for you below.

Most of my recipes from my menu this year are new recipes, so I am not able to post anything yet. But you can check out some of my older recipes. They may inspire you for your Thanksgiving menu.

Main course:

Side dishes:



Celebrating 4th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was Bryan’s and my 4th wedding anniversary.

Time flies. Four years ago, we had our little elope ceremony with a few friends on a beautiful beach. It was simple and perfect. One year later, we had a small wedding banquet with families and friends. I got to wear a real wedding dress and got some nice pictures. Haha…. I guess it is every woman’s dream to put on a wedding dress. Four years have gone by, things may have changed, but I am still so in love with my man. I am one lucky girl. I can’t wait for many more years to come and share my life with Bryan.

To celebrate the anniversary, I cooked a 3-course meal.

Tuna Tartare (shallot, chive, lime, baked wonton chips)

Citrus-Seared Sea Scallops (orange, lime, green onion, garlic, creamy polenta)

Lemon Panna Cotta (strawberry sauce)

This was probably one of my first 3-course meal that I cook by myself. I usually only made an entree and a dessert, or I will have help. The good thing about this menu was that there were many things that I can made ahead, so there wasn’t any craziness. The panna cotta was made 1 day ahead. The components of the tartare were all prepared. I just had to toss them all together at the last moment. The scallops only needed to be cook for a few minutes. It was a smooth and delicious meal. Everything came out exactly what I hope for. I enjoyed the whole process. And most important, I am happy that Bryan likes it and he was definitely surprised with the menu.

Have a great memorial weekend! (And yes, Bryan and I got married during the memorial weekend. Looks like people love to get married during this long weekend. My ex-roommate also got married on the same memorial weekend as I did. Weird, but kind of cool!)

Thanksgiving Menu 2011

Wow… Thanksgiving is next week already! This will be my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner that I am holding. I won’t be making turkey, because Bryan, my sister and I all didn’t like turkey much. I will be making Cornish hens instead. I will use a few recipes that I have posted before. If you need some recipes ideas, check out the links below.

I can’t wait to start cooking! Hope everything will be delicious!

Lokness 2011 Thanksgiving Menu

Main course:

Stuffed Cornish Hens (New recipe)

Side dishes:

Lemon Pepper Honey Toast (Read)

Southwest Potato Salad (New recipe)

Green Bean Casserole (Read)


Pumpkin Cheesecake (New recipe)

Banana Pudding (For my in-laws’ Thanksgiving lunch) (Read)