Easy Mango Smoothie


When summer is here, I always think of this mango smoothie (芒果奶). My mom used to make this for my sister, dad and I in summer. My mom was a high school teacher before retiring. Every morning, she left home at 6am. We usually didn’t get to see her in the morning, and we had toasts and breads for breakfast mostly.

During summer time, my mom had vacation and she got to stay at home. She would make breakfast for us sometimes. Mango smoothie was one of those special treats that we all love. The ripe and sweet Carabao mangoes are blended with some milk and ice cubes. It is cold, smooth and creamy. A wonderful summer drink only takes less than 5 minutes to make! I know you will love this too!

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Mango Pudding


My mom doesn’t like dessert. Growing up, my mom only has made 3 kind of desserts (mango pudding, watermelon popsicle, and bird’s nest soup). My favorite has to be the mango pudding! If you have been to a Chinese dim sum restaurant, you may have seen mango pudding in carts. It is one of the popular desserts in Hong Kong. But of course, the restaurant ones only have a little bit of mangoes. My mom’s version is filled with mangoes. It is just delightful!

If you are not sure what the texture of this pudding is, think panna cotta or creamy jello. This is definitely not banana pudding or bread pudding kind of pudding. In this recipe, I used the mango flavor jelly powder. I got this from Hong Kong. I have no idea where I can find the same in the US. It looks like JELL-O have this product at some point, but I don’t think they can be found in stores now. I found them at amazon.com. I haven’t tried them yet, but I will try them one day. They should taste very similar to the one from Hong Kong.

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