Los Angeles: ‘Lette Macarons

‘Lette Macarons Assorted Flavors

French macaron is one of the trendy dessert in Los Angeles. I have also seen many macarons recipes in many food blogs. The little expensive finger sandwiches look amazing and delicious. I never had macarons before, and I always wonder whether these sandwiches are as good as they sound.

I saw that ‘Lette Macarons have a high rating and many good reviews on Yelp. I believe that will be a good place to see what macarons are all about. On Saturday, I got a box of 12 macarons. The macarons were beautiful and tasty. I expected the macaron to have a crunchy texture, but the sandwich actually had a slightly crunchy shell with a soft center. There were a lot of fillings in each macaron, and the filling was like ganache and very creamy.

Our favorite flavors are rose, lychee, colombian coffee, and raspberry. The rose one was very memorable. It was like a rose water cookie. If you like rose water, you will love this macaron. Lychee has a delicate taste, but the lychee flavor definitely came through in the macaron filling. It was good. The coffee one reminded me of a coffee popsicle that I used to eat when I was a kid. Even though Bryan doesn’t like coffee that much, he liked this macaron. Bryan and I love raspberry, so with no surprise, the raspberry macaron was great. It was slightly tart, but still sweet.

The least favorite had to be the sweet wedding almond. It had a strong taste of almond extract. Bryan and I don’t like almond extract at all, so that macaron was not for us for sure. The salted caramel one was not that great either. The filling started to melt a bit and it was too sweet. All the other flavors were good, but they were not as memorable.

‘Lette Macarons have lived up to its reputation. I like their macarons, and I will go back for sure. I wish I can eat them every week. But can they be less expensive?

‘Lette Macarons (Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Larchmont Village)

Recommend: Rose, Lychee, Colombian Coffee, Raspberry, Coconut

Lokness’ Rating: ★★★★★

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Duff Goldman in Los Angeles

Duff Goldman and his cakes

Duff Goldman has moved to Los Angeles. It looks like Duff will be opening Charm City Cakes West soon. I am very excited! Bryan and I used to watch his Food Network show “Ace of Cakes”. His cakes on the show were amazing looking and creative. I always wish I can taste his cakes. Now if the bakery is going to opened in Los Angeles, I may have a chance to try. Haha…. Let’s hope I can afford his cake!

Welcome to Los Angeles, Duff! Good luck!

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