In-N-Out Burger Letter

Bryan and I go to In-N-Out quite a lot. If you don’t know, In-N-Out Burger is a fast food burger chain on the West Coast in the US. Most people think In-N-Out is the best fast food chain ever. I have to agree! In-N-Out uses fresh meat and vegetables. The meat patty is delicious and the lettuce are always fresh and crisp. My favorite is their spread. It is little sweet, creamy and sourness from the diced pickles. It is the perfect dip for the crispy french fries.

I would say In-N-Out is almost perfect, but there is one little problem. Whenever Bryan and I went to the drive through, the cashier guy always had a wet hand. The cashier guy’s hand was always dripping with water. When the guy gave the credit card back to Bryan, Bryan’s card was topped with water drops. It is definitely not the most appetizing thing, even through the water maybe clean. It didn’t only happen one or two times, but it happens most of the time.

Therefore, Bryan sent out an email complaint through In-N-Out website. Within a week, In-N-Out sent an email back to apologized. They said they would fix the problem, and they would like to thank Bryan through mail.

Yesterday, Bryan got the mail. In-N-Out customer service thanks Bryan for reporting the problem, and apologized about what happened. They gave Bryan a complimentary guest check which can redeem a free meal. Great customer service! I really appreciate In-N-Out took the time to take care of the problem. And, they treat customers’ comments seriously. A good business would always put their customers first.

In-N-Out Burger Mail to Bryan

The Letter and The Guest Check

Hmm… After thinking about In-N-Out burger and fries, I would love to have some right now. Hopefully, In-N-Out would really fix the problem. Then, it is truly perfect!

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