Hong Kong Trip

After the vacation, I have to admit it is hard to get back to the routine. Bryan and I still haven’t gone back to the gym. We should do that tomorrow. I am also catching up with my recipe testing. It should be almost there. At least, we finally got the Hong Kong trip pictures ready. Woo hoo!

Riding on tram through Admiralty.

Riding on tram through Admiralty.

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Baked Pork Chop with Fried Rice


Baked Pork Chop with Fried Rice (焗豬扒飯) is a classic in Hong Kong cafe. Who wouldn’t like pork chop with fried rice in tomato sauce and top with melted cheese? It is everyone’s favorite. It is a all-in-one casserole dish.

If you ask the people who have left Hong Kong for a while, what food they miss the most in Hong Kong, many of them would tell you cafe style food. Many Hong Kong cafe dishes are influenced by the west, like the use of tomato sauce, cream, cheese, and pasta. With the combination of Chinese ingredients and cooking style, these dishes are unique and special. They are definitely not too easy to find in the US, especially with that kind of fusion flavors. Therefore I tried to make them at home. After a few tries, I am very happy with this baked pork chop with fried rice recipe. It was good and it tasted very close to the flavors that I remember.

Give this a try and get a taste of Hong Kong!

P.S. I have to thank my Hong Kong friends, Iris and Tony for giving me this cook book. Without it, I won’t be able to recreate many delicious Hong Kong food at home.

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Creamed Corn with Pork and Rice

Creamed corn with pork and rice (粟米肉粒飯) is one of those classic simple dishes that you can find in Hong Kong. It is very basic, tasty and affordable that people love to get this for lunch. The sweet creamed corn was cooked down and turned into a sauce along with the savory and tender pork cubes. Then, scooped that over a plate of steamed hot rice. This is definitely my kind of comfort meal. Hope you will like this too!

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New Unique Flavors in Hong Kong McDonald’s

I think every little kids dream about going to McDonald’s to eat the crispy french fries and get their cute little fun toys. It was the same for me. I don’t remember how many toys I have collected from McDonald’s. In Hong Kong, the collective toys are not only for children. Adults love to collect them too. Haha… Yes, we love toys. Hong Kong McDonald’s has pushed out many amazing collection sets over the years.

One year, it was about Snoopy. A hard plastic Snoopy dressed up in different countries outfits. There were about 30 of them. People were lining up overnight to collect them. Of course, they were not free. You have to buy a meal and pay extra money to get one. But, the Snoopy were really cute. They were sold out in a day or two. I collected many of them too.

Other than the toys, Hong Kong McDonald’s also pushed out many unique flavors over the years. For example, taro pie, apple pie a la mode, pasta soups, flavored french fries, teriyaki pork burger and pineapple sundae.

This year, Hong Kong McDonald’s has introduced some exciting flavors along with a Hello Kitty plush toy collection. I wish I can be in Hong Kong right now! They just sounds awesome! Let me show you some pictures.

The Ugly Duckling Hello Kitty, Creme Brulee McFlurry, Honey Mustard Sauce

The Frog Prince Hello Kitty, Green Tea Red Bean Sundae, Wasabi Flavored Sauce

Wizard of Oz Hello Kitty, Pineapple Punch, Chili Pomodoro Sauce

Little Red Riding Hood Hello Kitty, Grape McFloat, Chipotle BBQ Sauce

The Singing Bone Hello Kitty, Black Sesame Sundae, Creamy Ranch Sauce

Don’t you want to fly to Hong Kong to try the food and get a Hello Kitty now? I think I am most excited about the black sesame sundae, chipotle BBQ sauce, and the creme brulee Mcflurry. And of course, I wish I can get one of these unique Hello Kitty plush toys!

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Egg Tarts

Egg tart is one of the Hong Kong classic. Everyone in Hong Kong loves egg tart. They like to eat it for breakfast, brunch as dim sum or tea time snack. An egg tart is a baked egg custard in a pastry. There are mainly 2 types of egg tarts. One with a shortcrust pastry and the other with a puff pastry. This recipe is the shortcrust one. I personally love this crust the most. It is buttery with a hint of savory, which is perfect with the smooth and lightly sweetened egg custard. Whenever I am baking these little egg tarts at home, the house just smells incredible. It is hard to eat only one. Maybe, I can sneak in two in my stomach before anyone found out.

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Swiss Sauce Marinated Chicken Thighs with Noodles and Ginger Topping

With all those leftover Swiss sauce, this recipe is just perfect. The chicken thighs were simply delicious. It is hard not to be, because the leftover Swiss sauce was packed with chicken flavors already. With some fresh green onions, onions and garlic, the chicken thighs were extra amazing. The ginger topping may seems a bit funny, but after they were cooked by the oil. The ginger and green onion were aromatic and flavorful. It was tasty to mix with the noodles. A little bit goes a long way. Give this recipe a try, and you will always want to marinate your chicken like this.

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Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings (Dark Soy Sauce Chicken Wings)

This is a classic Hong Kong dish. Swiss sauce has nothing to do with “Switzerland”. The chicken wings are marinated in sweetened dark soy sauce. The urban legend behind the name, was a miscommunication between a Chinese waiter and an English-speaking customer in a Hong Kong cafe. The Chinese waiter told the English speaker the dish was called “Sweet wings”, but the English speaker thought it was “Swiss wings”. But again, this is only a story. No matter what the name is, these chicken wings are just delicious. Bryan loves them on the first try. The chicken wings were savory with a hint of sweet. They were perfect to serve with steaming hot white rice.

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Classic Hong Kong Waffle

Are you tired of the normal strawberry or maple syrup waffle? A classic Hong Kong waffle will give you an exciting twist. It is like a normal waffle, but with peanut butter, sweetened condensed milk and sugar as topping. It is a great snack in Hong Kong, and children love this. You can always find this waffle on the street. When I was in high school, I used to go and get this waffle for lunch. This recipe is very good. It tasted almost like the ones in Hong Kong. The waffles were light and crispy on the outside. They were savory from the peanut butter, sweet from the condensed milk, and crunchy from the sugar and crust. Yum… I love them! I am glad that I have found this recipe, so I don’t have to wait until I visit Hong Kong. I know it sounds weird, but give this a try! I hope you will like it.

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McDonald’s and Wedding: A Perfect Marriage (Hong Kong)

To most, McDonald’s and wedding do not seem to be related. But, Hong Kong McDonald’s has pushed out wedding packages early this year for bride and groom to have an unforgettable wedding party at McDonald’s. Since I grew up in HK, this isn’t too much of a surprise for me.

McDonald’s is a huge hit in Hong Kong for many years now. Back in my childhood, McDonald’s was a special treat. I got to go to McDonald’s during special occasions and only a couple times a year. You have to realize that in Hong Kong there are many other food options and McDonald’s is not necessary the cheapest thing.

During my elementary school years, I would receive some McDonald’s birthday party invitation cards. It is every child’s dream to have a birthday party at McDonald’s. There are exclusive private rooms in some McDonald’s that are for party. The rooms usually are designed specially with McDonald’s characters. There are games that are led by McDonald’s host. And, of course, everyone loves the food and gifts. I was so envious that my friends could have their birthday parties at McDonald’s. I never got to have one.

When I was in high school, McDonald’s started to make some great changes. They introduced McCafes, which were located everywhere. McCafes are nicely decorated. Instead of selling burgers and fries, they sell good quality coffee, cold drinks, baked goods, and desserts. McCafe is seen as cool and hip.

A few years back, I heard that McDonald’s had started to do parties for grown up. And some of my high school friends have actually had their birthday parties there. Recently, some McDonald’s locations even provide Xbox 360 Kinect for the guests to play. You may think who would want to have a party in McDonald’s. We all grew up with McDonald’s. For those of us who couldn’t have a party at McDonald’s back in the day, we can do it now. So it makes perfect sense.

Now for the wedding, it is the same idea. McDonald’s can be a fun and memorable party for the couple and the guests, and it must be one of the best budget deals out there. For those couples who are looking for something fun and simple, McDonald’s wedding packages may not be too bizarre after all. Will it be a success? It is probably too early to tell. We can only wait and see.

Balloon Wedding Gown for Rent or Buy

Apple Pie Wedding Cake & Cute Balloon Set

Want to learn more about McDonald’s wedding package details?

Go to Hong Kong McDonald’s website: Read

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Honeydew Melon Sago Sweet Soup

Hot day! I thought we are still in spring, but this 93˚F is more like a summer temperature. In a hot day like this, I have the perfect dessert for you, sago sweet soup. I don’t know the origin of the sago sweet soup, but it is very popular in Hong Kong. The summer in Hong Kong is very humid and hot. Cheesecake and tiramisu are just too heavy. When you are walking on the street in a hot summer day, you always crave for something cold and refreshing. I think cold sago sweet soup can just do the trick. It is cool, and the fruits in it are fresh and sweet. Sago pearls doesn’t have much flavors. The coconut milk is the key, and the evaporated milk makes the soup creamy. Enjoy!

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