Roasted Root Vegetables and Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Root Vegetables and Brussels Sprouts

Fall is here! I can feel the cool air. Woo hoo! That is really exciting! I love Fall! Until a few days ago, I didn’t think about why I love Fall. After some throughout thinking, I have finally figured it out. When the weather starts to get cold and the wind is blowing outside, it is nice to stay at home. Turn on the heater, drink a cup of hot chocolate, and cuddle up with the loved ones. It is cozy, warm and sweet! That home sweet home feeling is what I love.

To welcome the arrival of Fall, I have this roasted vegetables recipe for you. It is made with some seasonal vegetables, like brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. It is very easy, but flavorful with all the dried herbs. I also love the color of the dish. There are green, brown, orange, and white. Just amazing to look at. This is definitely a side dish I would make a lot at this Fall. Hope you will like it too!

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