Halloween 2012

This year, we continue with our pumpkin craving. My sister, Hei Man, carved a silly skeleton. I did Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, because I made marshmallows this year. Hahaha… And Bryan carved Homer Simpson. They all came out nicely until today. They are all fuzzy moldy this morning. They were so moldy that I can’t reach in the pumpkins. I wiped them down with some bleach water and cleaned out most of the mold. They should last until tonight. However Homer definitely has turned into an alien, the pumpkin is pretty decayed that the facial lines have changed. Very funny! We will see if anyone can recognize him tonight.

Happy Halloween! Have a great night! Stay safe!


Marshmallow Squares

Fluffy, soft and gooey marshmallows…. They are way too good! I had my very first homemade marshmallow in a restaurant in Monterey, Passionfish. It was lightly toasted served with sweet and tangy balsamic strawberries. The marshmallow was so soft, which was nothing like the regular round ones that came out of a bag. Ever since then, I always want to make my own.

With my new mixer, marshmallows were the first thing I made. They were very soft and delicious. I can’t wait to put some in a cup of hot chocolate. Once you have some homemade marshmallows, you can turn them into anything. This Halloween, I will be giving out these marshmallow lollipops. Hope the kids will like them.

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Happy Halloween!

Angry bird (Made by me)

Evil scary pumpkin (Made by Bryan)

Little monster (Made by my sister)

Pumpkin carving is always tons of fun! It is a great family activity. What did you make this year?

Also, I am going to end today’s blog with a cute youtube video. Enjoy and have a fun Halloween!

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Halloween is over the corner. These cute mini pumpkin pies are just like the carved pumpkins. They are small in size and easy to eat. The pumpkin filling was creamy and sweet. The pie crust was buttery and savory, which just balance out the sweetness of the pie.  They are the perfect party dessert.

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Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!!!

My sister, Bryan and I were carving pumpkins yesterday. It took about 3 hours, but it was fun! I love the end results!

Spider "Friend" (My creation)

Pumpkin Witch on a Pumpkin (My sister's creation)

Joker from Batman (Bryan's creation)

Tuna in Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Whoopie Pies

Bryan and I both never had whoopie pie before. We had no idea what whoopie pie should taste like. When I was making these sandwiches, I was a bit worried. But, the whoopie pies were very good. They are like homemade oreo cookies, but softer and bigger. These cookies were very moist, and the nonpareil candies gave some crunch to the sandwiches. I like them a lot. As the Amish farmers would say, “Whoopie!”

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