Happy Holidays to you!

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This holiday, Bryan and I bought some foam holiday crafts from Michaels. We spent a couple of hours putting the foam tree and foam gingerbread house together. They came out great and cute. Then, we had our guinea pig Tuna on a photo shoot. Bryan took some great pictures, and one ended up on our holiday cards.

For our tree, it turned out to be a red, white and blue tree this year. Very American! We didn’t plan on doing that, but it came out beautiful. The holiday corner is just a place where we put some festive things all together. Homer Simpson was originally sitting there already. To make him fit in, I put on a knit hat and a scarf over him. Now, he is allowed to be in the holiday corner. Heehee…

And of course, I made some sweet treat for some families and friends. Chocolate chip cookies and apple cider caramels this year. Hope everyone likes them!

Dear all,

I wish you all a happy holiday! No matter what holiday you are celebrating, I wish you to have some warm and enjoyable time with your loved ones. Happy New Year too!




Happy Holidays!

This is my guinea pig, Tuna with his little Santa hat.

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy the fun family times and the tons of delicious food!

– Lokness

If Tuna is a pig…

Bryan found this random picture online, but I can’t stop looking at it.

If Tuna is not a guinea pig, but a pig….. He will look like this…

Cute little pig

Tuna likes cilantro!

Do they look alike? What do you think?

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Happy Holiday!

Carl’s Junior Star

Snowman Decor

Wish you all have a happy holiday!

May you have a warm and cozy Christmas!

From Lokness, Bryan, Tuna and Salad (Tuna’s new friend)

Tuna and his new friend, Salad

Halloween Pumpkins

Happy Halloween!!!

My sister, Bryan and I were carving pumpkins yesterday. It took about 3 hours, but it was fun! I love the end results!

Spider "Friend" (My creation)

Pumpkin Witch on a Pumpkin (My sister's creation)

Joker from Batman (Bryan's creation)

Tuna in Pumpkin Patch

Fall Heat Wave

Tuna and his watermelon

Tuna and his watermelon

If you live in Southern California, you probably want to get a bite from this juicy watermelon right now. It is very hot today in Los Angeles. Even I live close to the coast, it is still 108˚F. Downtown LA is 112˚F. This is definitely the hottest day in this year. Since I came to Los Angeles, it has never been this hot!

The weather this year has been a bit off. The whole summer was cool for the most part. Since last Wednesday was officially Fall, I thought the heat is over. Unfortunately, the heat is just unbearable in these few days!

Stay cool! Eat some watermelon! And, please come back, Fall! I miss you!