Swiss Sauce Marinated Chicken Thighs with Noodles and Ginger Topping

With all those leftover Swiss sauce, this recipe is just perfect. The chicken thighs were simply delicious. It is hard not to be, because the leftover Swiss sauce was packed with chicken flavors already. With some fresh green onions, onions and garlic, the chicken thighs were extra amazing. The ginger topping may seems a bit funny, but after they were cooked by the oil. The ginger and green onion were aromatic and flavorful. It was tasty to mix with the noodles. A little bit goes a long way. Give this recipe a try, and you will always want to marinate your chicken like this.

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Hot Lemon and Ginger Coke

In this rainy weather, Bryan was a bit sick. In Hong Kong, people believe a cup of hot lemon and ginger coke would alleviate cold and flu symptoms. But, some people believe that this hot drink is invented by a Hong Kong cafe owner. The owner saw the slow selling of coke during winter time, so he invented hot coke drink and claimed it is a remedy for cold and flu. This helped with the selling rapidly. Even though hot lemon and ginger coke may not be a remedy, a cup of hot drink is comforting when sick.

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