Portobello Mushroom Fries

Portobello Mushroom Fries

I first had portobello fries when I was in a restaurant, Bottega Louie in Downtown Los Angeles. They were very good that I kept thinking about them. Thanks to food blogger Amy from uTry.it. She made an oven version portobello fries, which is even better. Easy and healthy. These fries were tasty and I know that I can make them any time I want now.

These fries are perfect substitute for regular fries. They are healthy, earthy, umami and filling. The flakey panko crust was crispy and light. These fries go so well with the creamy, garlicky and slightly sweet mayonnaise. Everything is just right. And they are super easy to make. Clean, cut, and roll. Put in the oven. Done! These fries are great as a side dish with burgers or steaks. Try this and you won’t be disappointed!

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Mussels, Clams and Shrimps in Garlic-Tomato Broth


Oh seafood! A few years back, Bryan and I visited my friends Cecilia and Kelvin. They treated us this amazing seafood dish. The clams and mussels were perfectly cooked. The garlic tomato broth was sweet and light, which was a great dipping sauce for the bread. Bryan and I licked everything clean. After that, I always think about that dish. Recently, I finally asked my friends for the recipe. I made this dish a couple of times already. Bryan and I absolutely love it!

I didn’t start cooking fresh shellfish until last year. It can be a bit intimating and scary for the first or second time, especially seeing them opening, closing and breathing. But don’t be scared. I promise you will get a hang of it very soon. Fresh seafood is so much better than frozen.

Try this seafood dish! I know you will enjoy it!

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Hanpen Cheese (Japanese Fish Cake with Cheese)


What is hanpen? It is a Japanese fish cake with a mild taste. It is unlike any other fish cake or fish ball that I have ever tasted. Hanpen is really soft and fluffy. I know it may sound bad, but the texture is kind of like marshmallow. Trust me, it is incredible delicious!

I first tried hanpen at a Japanese restaurant called Furibo. They stuffed the hanpen with American cheese, wrapped them with seaweed, dipped in batter, and fried. The hot and gooey melted cheese oozed out from the soft and crispy fish cake. It is a dish that is hard to forget. I always crave for it. But luckily, I found hanpen in Japanese supermarket. Instead of frying it, I sear it with some garlic until golden brown. It makes a great appetizer or side dish.

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Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli


After trying out this dish, you will fall in love with broccoli (even if you are a kid). The roasted broccoli is sweet and tender. Some freshness from the lemon juice and amazing fragrant from the zest. And who doesn’t like cheese? This is very simple and healthy. Just toss in the oven and wait for it. Perfect to go with any steak and pasta dishes.

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Simple Lemon and Garlic Chicken

Have you always looking for a simple chicken recipe? I think you have found it! This recipe is very easy. Once the chicken is in the oven, you are free to go back to your kids or your facebook. The chicken is very moist, and the skins are very crispy. The sauce is also one of the best part. All the flavors sinks into the sauce. Bryan and I love to pour it over rice or couscous. It is absolutely delicious!

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Creamy Lemon Shrimp with Rice

Last year, I saw Giada making this dish on TV. It looked so amazing, and I just had to try making it. I love it! It is creamy, fresh, and stuffing. Bryan is not a fan. He thinks the flavors combination is weird. Therefore, I only made this dish while Bryan can’t come home for dinner. Hmmmm…. I get to enjoy the whole thing by myself…. Yum yum! You can serve this dish with a vegetable side dish, then, you have the perfect meal. Give this recipe a try!

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Easy Garlic Toasts

I love garlic toast, especially the ones in restaurants. It is good that I have found this recipe. It is way too easy to make. I will never buy the frozen garlic toasts in the supermarkets again. These new toasts were amazing. Bryan loves them too. It was so good that I had to make extra for dinner. Tasty!

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