The Trend of Food Truck

In this recent year, food trucks have been popping up everywhere in Los Angeles. The idea of food truck is nothing new. There are many tacos and burritos food trucks existed long before. Most of these food trucks are served as cafeteria for construction sites and factories. The food is usually cheap and simple.

Food truck revolution probably started with Kogi in Los Angeles. Kogi is a Korean fusion truck. They are most famous with their tacos. They are always on the news. And, there are always long lines around their trucks. After that, many other food trucks pop up on the street. There are trucks that sell ice-cream, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, crepes, cupcakes, dim sum, burgers etc. All these food trucks are nicely decorated. Their food is mostly gourmet.

At first, I found the trucks very exciting and appearing. But some food trucks’ food are not very good. Bryan and I tried the Lomo Arigato¬†truck. They sells Peruvian-Japanese food. The rice was mushy. The meats were dry. For the Takoyaki Tanota Truck, the takoyaki lacked flavors. Other than the food quality, some trucks are definitely over-priced. For example, a cupcake is sold for $3. If that is sold in an actual bakery, it is fine. I understand that rent needs to be paid. If the price of a cupcake in a truck is same as a cupcake in a store, why do I have to buy the cupcake in a truck? Why do you go to a food truck? It is because the food is good and cheap. If the food is not good or cheap, why not just go to a regular restaurant with the proper service and seating?

For the increasing numbers of food trucks on the street, I definitely think there is a need for some kind of sites for the parking. If there are only one or two trucks on a street, that is perfectly ok. However, when there are three, four, five trucks on the same street and they took all the parking spots, that became frustrated and inconvenient for normal drivers.

I don’t hate all the new food trucks. I love Kogi. I think Kogi has really good food, and they deserve the good name. Their food is creative and unique. The short rib tacos are really extraordinary. The Korean spices fries were also very crispy and delicious! But some of the trucks out there are really not that good, and they are just following the trend, and thinking about the money. If you want to eat in a food truck, you should probably do some research and try to pick out a good one.

Kogi Short Rib Tacos @ Alibi Room

Kogi Korean Spices Fries @ Alibi Room

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