Duff Goldman’s Cake to End Harry Potter movie

What is a good way to farewell to our beloved Harry Potter movie?

Duff Goldman and his teams made a cake for New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. The cake was a destroyed Hogwarts with smoke and red fire effect light. It looked really amazing, and I am sure that must be incredible delicious! I haven’t had time to see the movie yet, but I am really looking forward to it. For now, let’s enjoy the pictures of the cake.

Hogwarts Cake by Charm City Cakes

Horwarts Cake with smoke and lighting effect

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Duff Made Fried Ice Cream

Ice cream? Yum yum!!! Fried ice cream? Incredibly fun and delicious!!!!

I remember I first heard about fried ice cream when I was in elementary school in Hong Kong. There was a short story book about a little girl, Ann. I forgot what the story was about, but there was a part that mentioned Ann made fried ice cream. I was fascinated about that idea, and asked my mom how to make that. But of course, my mom didn’t know and I have never found out. Now, I have learned how to make fried ice cream. I may just try to make this someday. It sure looks good.

Duff Goldman in Los Angeles

Duff Goldman and his cakes

Duff Goldman has moved to Los Angeles. It looks like Duff will be opening Charm City Cakes West soon. I am very excited! Bryan and I used to watch his Food Network show “Ace of Cakes”. His cakes on the show were amazing looking and creative. I always wish I can taste his cakes. Now if the bakery is going to opened in Los Angeles, I may have a chance to try. Haha…. Let’s hope I can afford his cake!

Welcome to Los Angeles, Duff! Good luck!

Duffs Facebook Status

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