Portuguese Baked Creamy Coconut Chicken

Even though this is said to be a Portuguese style dish, I think it is more like Macau/Hong Kong influenced Portuguese style. It is probably invented during the time when Macau was under Portuguese control. This is a pretty classic dish in Hong Kong. You can find this in many Hong Kong style cafes. The dish was very creamy and satisfied. There was a hint of sweetness from the coconut milk. A scoop of steamed white rice is just perfect with this dish. It is just too good. Give this a try!

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Honeydew Melon Sago Sweet Soup

Hot day! I thought we are still in spring, but this 93˚F is more like a summer temperature. In a hot day like this, I have the perfect dessert for you, sago sweet soup. I don’t know the origin of the sago sweet soup, but it is very popular in Hong Kong. The summer in Hong Kong is very humid and hot. Cheesecake and tiramisu are just too heavy. When you are walking on the street in a hot summer day, you always crave for something cold and refreshing. I think cold sago sweet soup can just do the trick. It is cool, and the fruits in it are fresh and sweet. Sago pearls doesn’t have much flavors. The coconut milk is the key, and the evaporated milk makes the soup creamy. Enjoy!

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