Mussels, Clams and Shrimps in Garlic-Tomato Broth


Oh seafood! A few years back, Bryan and I visited my friends Cecilia and Kelvin. They treated us this amazing seafood dish. The clams and mussels were perfectly cooked. The garlic tomato broth was sweet and light, which was a great dipping sauce for the bread. Bryan and I licked everything clean. After that, I always think about that dish. Recently, I finally asked my friends for the recipe. I made this dish a couple of times already. Bryan and I absolutely love it!

I didn’t start cooking fresh shellfish until last year. It can be a bit intimating and scary for the first or second time, especially seeing them opening, closing and breathing. But don’t be scared. I promise you will get a hang of it very soon. Fresh seafood is so much better than frozen.

Try this seafood dish! I know you will enjoy it!

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New England Clam Chowder

Bryan doesn’t like soup much. He thinks soup is too hot. But clam chowder is the only exception. Clam chowder is creamy and little thick with layers of flavors. I always want a bowl of clam chowder when I was at a diner or pier. Don’t let it fool you. This soup is pretty easy to make. It can be done in about an hour. Then, you serve this with some garlic bread. Hard to resist!

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