Good Old Brownies

This brownie recipe is very simple. It is not that harder than a store-brought brownie package. I added some semi-chocolate chips in the batter, so there was crunchy bite. I like the brownies. They were so moist and chocolatey, but Bryan thinks they were too chocolatey for him. Oh well. If you like chocolate, you will like this.

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My Favorite: Vitasoy Soy Drinks

Malt Soy Drink & Chocolate Flavored Soy Drink

Vitasoy is a famous company in Hong Kong who sells beverages and desserts. Their most famous product has to be the Vitasoy soy drinks. It is a high-protein soymilk drink. The product was originally created to be an affordable and high-protein substitution for expensive whole milk. Other than the traditional soy flavor, there are tons of other flavors, like malt, chocolate, melon, and taro. Everyone in Hong Kong knows about Vitasoy soy drinks, and I am sure most kids love them.

I love Vitasoy soy drinks! It is creamy, sweet, and flavorful with a hint of soy. It was my favorite drink when I was little, but I didn’t get to drink it all the time. I remember sometimes when I went on a bike ride near my neighborhood, my mom would give me a few bucks to buy drink. And, I would always ran to the vending machine and got a melon flavored Vitasoy soy drink. Some people may say the melon flavor tastes fake, but I just like that weird artificial flavor. During my high school period, I still liked to drink Vitasoy soy drink. The school cafeteria sold a bottle version Vitasoy soy drink hot. They would keep the drinks in a hot water bath. The soy drink was hot and so delicious which was perfect at winter time, and the warm bottle was the perfect hand warmer.

Even you don’t like soy milk, you will probably like this soy drink, just choose the chocolate flavored one. With the strong chocolate taste, you won’t be able to taste the soy flavor as much. Bryan said it is just like drinking normal chocolate milk. Bryan actually really like the chocolate flavored one, and he drinks it in the morning for breakfast. My personal favorites are original, malt, melon, and chocolate. Hmm… All are good… Which one should I buy next time? Go get one and try it!

Vitasoy soy drinks are sold in 6 packs.

Want to know more about Vitasoy?

Visit their website: Read

Where can you buy Vitasoy soy drinks?

Shun Fat Supermarket (1635 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776)

99 Ranch Market (1300 S Golden West Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007)

Giant Kit Kat Bar

Who doesn’t love Kit Kat? But this giant one……… It will probably take 5 years to finish.


Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Happy Valentine’s Day! Bryan and I are not too into Valentine’s Day. We haven’t really had any celebration on this day over the years. But Valentine’s Day is definitely t a great excuse for me to make something chocolatey and tasty. This year, I made my first chocolate truffles. Creamy and rich. With a twist, I made the truffles with raspberry jam. That added some extra flavor into the little delicious goodies! To make them prettier, I covered the truffles in melted chocolate and decorated them with red sugar crystals. They were not the perfect looking chocolate, but it was a lot of fun to make, and the truffles tasted wonderful!

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Reese’s Minis at CES 2011

Last week, Bryan and I were in Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show). We were there for Bryan’s work. We were so busy that I didn’t have time to update. Sorry about that.

Believe it or not? There was also food product being release in CES. Reese’s revealed their latest product “Reese’s Minis”.

Reese’s Secret Box

Cute little Minis

Reese’s were giving out these cute little Minis for free. I love them so much!

These Minis have no wrappers. They are just like the classic but smaller, which are perfect for one bite. I am so glad that Reese’s have finally developed a product like this. I like Reese’s, but it is usually very messy to eat. You have to unwrap the little brown paper. When you are unwrapping the paper, all the chocolate crumbs and peanuts pieces fall over the place. It is definitely hard to eat, especially in the car. Now with the Minis, there won’t be crumbs. Bryan and I had eaten many Minis in the show. I can’t wait to go out and buy more!

Reese’s Press Release: Read

Koala’s March Cookies and Hotel

What is your childhood favorite snack?

My favorite is the Koala’s March cookies. Each cookie is a koala with different expressions or actions. Who can say no to those little koalas? Eating them is like playing lottery. You never know what you are going to pull out. The crunchy crust is delicious and distinctive, and the creamy chocolate is a surprise. I can eat them all day long without a problem!

Koala’s March Cookies with Chocolate Filling

Koala’s March cookies are really popular in Hong Kong. You can find them in all supermarkets. As Bryan told me, Koala’s March used to be very popular in Los Angeles too, and most local supermarkets carry them. The weird thing is Bryan and I grew up in two entire different countries, but we both like Koala’s March cookies. The world is so big, but so small. Anyway, for whatever reasons, you can’t find them in local supermarkets any more. Now, you can only see them in some Asians grocery stores.

With my obsession over Koala’s March, I found out that Lotte (Food company who owns Koala’s March) actually has opened a hotel with a few Koala’s March themed rooms. The themed rooms are filled with Koala’s March decor, like bed covers, cushions, curtains, and wallpapers. That must be a dream to live in a room like this. I hope one day, I can get to see this room. If not….. A Koala’s March plush toy?

Koala’s March Room in Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho

Want to stay in Koala’s March room?

Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho in Tokyo: Read

Can’t get enough of Koala’s March?

Visit Koala’s March Website: Read

Where can you get Koala’s March cookies?

Mitsuwa Marketplace, Nijiya Market, 99 Ranch Market (You can find them in most Asian supermarkets)

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