Cotton Candy Flower in China

Bryan found the following pictures and video online. We were both amazed by them, and I would love to share with you all.

We probably all have cotton candy when we were little. The fluffy puffy pink or light blue cotton candy is every child’s dream to have one. My very first cotton candy should be in an arcade place. After playing some basketball shooting arcade, my mom got me a cotton candy. The fluffy sugar candy was very sweet and fun. And of course, my hands were all sticky afterward. Whatever cotton candy you had probably is not as nice and beautiful as some of these that are being sold in China. Remember to check out the video. It is pretty amazing to see how they make these cotton candy flowers.


Cotton Candy Flower


The candy was being made.


Exploding Watermelons in China

This is really bizarre. I just hope it is not because of the chemical. There are more than enough poison food in China.

Hot Pot Delivery in China

Hot Pot @ Hot Pot Hot Pot

Hot pot is a type of Chinese dining. There is a pot with soup and gas stove being set up in the center of the table. We would sit around the table, and cook different type of meat, seafood or vegetables in the soup. In Hong Kong, most people love hot pot. It is a perfect gathering meal, because people can sit around together, talk and eat for hours. And, everyone can eat whatever they like.

The other day, Bryan sent me a news article about hot pot delivery service in China. Read this NPR article here.

It is amazing, and it is a great idea. Instead of waiting for hours in a restaurant, it is easier and more comfortable to enjoy at home. I wish there is such delivery in LA.

Where can you get hot pot in Los Angeles?

Hot Pot Hot Pot (120 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754)