Beer Making

A couple of months ago, Bryan made his first beer at home! It was definitely a long process, but we are glad that the beer came out good.

During Christmas, Bryan got a gift to choose a beer starter kit from Craft A Brew. Bryan chose the American Pale Ale kit. The kit was sent to our home. Other than water, ice, beer bottles and a large pot, all the ingredients are packed inside a nicely designed box.

All the ingredients

All the ingredients

The process of making beer is not difficult, but it definitely takes a good amount time. The actual making time was about 6 hours. Then, the beer has to sit in a gallon bottle for 2 weeks. After the beer was bottled, it still needed to sit for 2 more weeks. It was hard to wait for that long.

Started by boiling water with malt and hop.

Started by boiling water with malt and hop.

The fermentation process

The fermentation process

Getting ready to bottle.

Finally, the beer was ready. When the bottle was being opened, there was a loud pop sound. Then the air bubbles started to appear. The golden color was very nice. The flavor was light and crisp with a hint of bitterness. All the hard works paid off! We are happy with the result. I think we will brew some other beer soon!

Homemade American Pale Ale

Interested to brew your own beer?

Check out Craft a Brew. They have some good starter kits with clear instructions. They even has the White House Honey Ale kit.


4 thoughts on “Beer Making

  1. I am not a beer drinker (any more…used to drink quite a bit back in the college years, now I switch to red wine). But this certainly looks like fun and the end result looks refreshing and delicious. Makes me want to brew my own too. 😉 Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Haha… College years… We sure all have those beer-drinking years back in college. But yea, it was quite an experience. I think It is worth to try at least once. A gallon of beer can only make about half a dozen bottles, so you will probably finish drinking them really fast.

    • Thank you Amy. Yes, I love the color too. It was so interesting to see how that really muddy color changed to this nice dark amber color. Pretty amazing. If you guys like beer, you should really try it!

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