Snack: Ferrero Eggs


This Easter, Ferrero has pushed out a new product in the US, the Ferrero Eggs. There are two flavors: Hazelnut and Cocoa. When I saw them at Ralph’s last week, I grabbed a bag of the hazelnut one. Once I have tried it, I couldn’t stop eating. I ate 5 eggs continuously. If I have no health concern (that chocolate is not too healthy for you), I really would have finished all 10 eggs at once. This week, I went back to Ralph’s and got 3 bags. We will see how long they last.

A hard chocolate shell covers a thin layer of crispy wafer with a creamy chocolate filling. They remind me so much of Ferrero Rocher, but without the nut. I grew up eating Ferrero Rocher. I love them, but not a huge fan of the nut. When I am eating a Ferrero Rocher, I always eat the nut first, because I want to enjoy just the chocolate, wafer and creamy center on their own. Therefore, these eggs are perfect for me. No nut picking any more.

The hazelnut ones are must better than the cocoa ones. They are unique and different. The flavors of the cocoa ones are too simple and couldn’t stand out. Anyway, try them! Buy them before Easter is over.

Where to buy? I bought them at Ralph’s, but I don’t think all Ralph’s have them. You may have to check out a few stores. Please let me know if you see them somewhere else.

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6 thoughts on “Snack: Ferrero Eggs

  1. Oh, how come such tasty food is only available in the US! Unfair Ferrero! Haha, enjoy your 3 bags!!

    • Hahaha… Thank you! I will! They actually have those in the UK too and probably many places in Europe.
      I miss Kinder Surprise Eggs! Do you know that they are illegal in the US? The government worries that the toys will be dangerous for young kids. 😦

  2. Hahaha … I did hear about Kinder eggs being illegal in the US. When I first read this information from a newspaper, my mind was just full of question marks. The eggs has been sold in HK (and many other places) for years and so far I haven’t heard of any sad news (if ever). It’s really strange to imagine the US govn’t allows every household to keep a gun but not an egg!

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