Trip to San Diego Zoo

I love animals and I love zoo! I think zoo is a great way to introduce and educate people about animals. And of course, the animals are always cute and funny to watch. Bryan and I went to San Diego Zoo last Saturday.


We have been watching panda cam online and witnessing the growth of Xiao Liwu (7-month old baby panda). We really wanted to see him in person. That was the main reason for visiting the zoo. But animals are always unpredictable. When we finally walked in the exhibit after waiting in line for a while, this little Xiao Liwu just rolled down to the moat along with his ball. The moat is deep and it is next to the viewing area. Once he is in there, it is almost impossible to see him. And he doesn’t climb out by himself really. That was it. We couldn’t really get a good glimpse of Xiao Liwu. As a good photographer, Bryan reached his camera over the fence and got a few pictures of Xiao Liwu. We were a bit disappointed, but this is just how animals are. We know this may happen.

Xiao Liwu (almost 7 months old). We came all this way to see you, and you had to roll all the way down there. Sigh..... You little silly boy!

Since we have been in this zoo for a few times, we wanted to do something more. We booked the backstage pass. It was very cool. We got to feed rhinos, touch zebra, see a bunch of cats (like cheetah, clouded leopards, and serval), and take pictures with a few animals. That was a great experience. I would recommend for people who really like animals and are willing to pay extra. If not, walking around the zoo is still just as awesome.

666B3961 666B4121

After the backstage pass, we continued to walk around. We saw two babies capybara. They were so cute. I really like them. I always think that they are like giant guinea pigs. Also, we were scared by a male gorilla. The gorilla exhibit is fenced by glasses, so people can view gorilla very clearly without any wires. Bryan and I were standing close to the glass next to a family. All the sudden, a male gorilla ran towards the family and pound the glass real hard. Everyone was shocked and frightened at the moment. Nothing happened and the gorilla went away. Animals are animals. On the other hand, the orangutans were relax and playful. They were much more adorable.


Sadly, the zoo closed at 5pm. We were there for more than 6 hours, but we still couldn’t finished seeing everything. I always wish I could be there for more days. I am looking forward to going back soon.

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4 thoughts on “Trip to San Diego Zoo

    • You read my mind, Miss Mochi! Then, I can cuddle with Tuna. And YES, the capybaras are so cute. I wish I could bring one home. Heehee…

  1. Oh how fun. I always wanted to take the kids to San Diego Zoo. Last year we went to L.A. Zoo instead cos it’s a lot closer. I think my kids are ready to go bigger and further like SD Zoo. Thanks for sharing your fun day.

    • San Diego zoo is an incredible place. I am sure you guys will have tons of fun. Just make sure to plan a whole day for the zoo. I suggest staying a night in San Diego, it will make your trip much more relaxing and less stressful. Have fun!

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