Happy Holidays to you!

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This holiday, Bryan and I bought some foam holiday crafts from Michaels. We spent a couple of hours putting the foam tree and foam gingerbread house together. They came out great and cute. Then, we had our guinea pig Tuna on a photo shoot. Bryan took some great pictures, and one ended up on our holiday cards.

For our tree, it turned out to be a red, white and blue tree this year. Very American! We didn’t plan on doing that, but it came out beautiful. The holiday corner is just a place where we put some festive things all together. Homer Simpson was originally sitting there already. To make him fit in, I put on a knit hat and a scarf over him. Now, he is allowed to be in the holiday corner. Heehee…

And of course, I made some sweet treat for some families and friends. Chocolate chip cookies and apple cider caramels this year. Hope everyone likes them!

Dear all,

I wish you all a happy holiday! No matter what holiday you are celebrating, I wish you to have some warm and enjoyable time with your loved ones. Happy New Year too!




4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to you!

  1. Love your pictures, especially the one with the reflections! Very creative. Wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

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