Thanksgiving Meal Planning

Thanksgiving is coming up next Thursday. Do you have a plan? I just came up with my menu yesterday. If you are still thinking about what to make, I have some recipe ideas for you below.

Most of my recipes from my menu this year are new recipes, so I am not able to post anything yet. But you can check out some of my older recipes. They may inspire you for your Thanksgiving menu.

Main course:

Side dishes:



5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Meal Planning

  1. My plan is to show up at my mother’s house insanely early (I think she starts at 4-5 am on the big day?) to document her Thanksgiving extravaganza that is served at 11 am. I’ve been in charge of the mashed potato for several years, but I never do anything too fancy.

    • Haha… Wow… 4am? That is pretty early! Have a fun Thanksgiving, Miss Mochi!
      My in-laws do not serve traditional American meal. They make turkey sandwiches for lunch. So for dinner, I cook for my husband, my sister, and a friend. I don’t mind the cooking. I enjoy it! But for the dishes, I think I may faint just to look at them.

      • If I could have a magic elf that does my dishes, I would cook a million times more.

        Yeah, our family does lunch, then basically falls into a food coma until dinner which is usually leftovers.

    • Glad to hear your meal came together good. I am sure you had make some delicious food for your thanksgiving meal. For the mac and cheese, there is always next year!

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