New Addition: KitchenAid Mixer

Three weeks ago, my new KitchenAid mixer finally arrived! I have been wanting that mixer for a few years. I guess every home cook would love to get one. It is a baker’s dream. Yea!!!! Thank you, Bryan!!! I love it!

Buttercup KitchenAid Mixer

After having the mixer for these couple of weeks, I have been trying out many new recipes, like milk bread, cheddar biscuits, marshmallows, cupcakes and cookies. So much fun! Bryan always jokes that he will come home from work one day and find the house stuffed with bread loaves. Haha…. It may just happen one day. Once I have perfect some recipes, I will post them. For now, let me enjoy the exploring. Have a cool and nice weekend!


4 thoughts on “New Addition: KitchenAid Mixer

    • Thank you, Sydney. Yes, I love this color. I called it the “Winnie the Pooh” color. It took me a while to decide on the color, but who can say “no” to Winnie the Pooh! Just too cute.

  1. I have the classic red mixer at home but I find I use my hand mixer more still since i need a huge and heavy converter for mine. Agree it’s quite a good thing to have at home though. 🙂 I love that yellow colour!

    • Oh… A heavy converter would be quite inconvenient. But a hand mixer can definitely get the work done. As soon as the food comes out good, it doesn’t matter what mixer we use. 🙂

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