New Baby Panda in San Diego Zoo

I love Panda! In general, I love animals. I can go crazy with little birds and fish.

Three years ago, a baby panda, Yun Zi was born in San Diego Zoo. I was watching the cute little guy through the panda cam almost every day. It was amazing to witness a panda growing up. After 5 months, Bryan and I went to check out Yun Zi in person. It felt like I have known Yun Zi forever. He was so adorable.

Panda Yun Zi (March 2010)

A few weeks ago, another baby panda was born in San Diego Zoo. I have been waiting for this day for a while. I am watching the panda cam every day. It is always shocking to see how small a panda baby is when it is first born. I am amazed by how mama panda can handle this tiny little baby with her big hands and feet. It just put a big smile on my face when I watched the mama panda and baby panda. I hope you will enjoy too.

Check out the few-day-old baby panda:

Check out the baby panda first exam:

Panda Cam link: Read


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