East Coast Quick Tour

As I mentioned in the last post, my parents, sister and I went on a tour for a week to get a glimpse of the East Coast. I wish I had more time in each city to explore and eat some good local food. However, our tour was rushing to here and there. Don’t talk about local food. We just didn’t have enough time to eat.

New York is a very busy city, just like Hong Kong. Central Park is the green and quite in the middle of the city. It was beautiful. We walked for half a day, and we only saw 1/3 of it. In New York, we had a chance to try the street hot dogs. They were very delicious. The dog was smokey and juicy. That was something that I have never found in Los Angeles. I will miss it. I wanted to try some good bagels, Big Gay ice cream. However due to tight schedule, I had to pass it. Hopefully, I can get them next time.

Central Park

Manhattan from Empire State Building

I was very excited about Washington D.C. Finally, I got to go to the capital of this country. Lincoln Memorial was as cool as I thought. The statue was huge. The Capitol Hill was big and awesome. We didn’t get to go in, but it was just great to be there. The most disappointing was the White House. It was small and far. I really would have walked pass it if no one told me that was the White House. D.C. was nice. I would come back to visit for sure.

Mr. Lincoln @ Lincoln Memorial

When we were in Virginia one night, it happened to be the crazy storm. We just arrived at the hotel. All the sudden, the electricity went out a few seconds for a few times. We thought it was the hotel problem. But then, we soon heard the thunders and saw the lightning. It was lucky that the hotel power didn’t go out that night. If not, that will be pretty miserable.

Niagara Falls had to be the highlight of the trip. We saw the falls in many ways, like on a boat and on a tower. When we were on the boat, we got really close to the falls. We saw the powerful of the water and the mist. On the tower, we saw the whole view of the falls, which was the best. The falls are truly magnificent. It is something worth to see in our lifetime.

Niagara Falls (Horseshoe Falls)

Quebec City feels like France. Everyone speaks French and some part of the towns look very much like France. It was very interesting.

Overall, it was quite an experience. The pros about joining a tour is that you can see the maximum in a limited time. However, you will have very short time on each attraction. I guess I prefer going on my own. Only in that way, I can see the cultures, people, and food.


2 thoughts on “East Coast Quick Tour

  1. How nice you’ve got a chance to visit the East Coast. You’ve got some amazing pictures there. When you compare NYC to Hong Kong, I couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly how I felt when I visited NYC the first time many many years ago. 🙂

    • Thank you. And yes, the skyline, the tall buildings, and crowded streets all reminded me of Hong Kong. Other than the subway, that was just horrible. Compare to the clean and cool Hong Kong MTR, NY subway was a nightmare.

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