Marina Farms Closed Due to Fire

Marina Farms Market

Last Thursday morning, I went on my normal routine to the little veggie market, Marina Farms. When I was almost there, something just didn’t look right. The gates were down. There wasn’t any fruits that were being put outside. It was just weird. For a second, I thought it may have something to do with health department.

When I was still wondering what was going on. I saw a city official guy who had a mask on. I walked toward him and asked whether he knew what happened. He told me that there was a fire last night and the place is closed now. I just couldn’t believe it. I walked to the front door, and I can see the “Closed until further notice…” sign. I looked to the right, the windows were blackened out by smokes. I continued to walk to the left side of the store. And there was a big pile of burnt boxes, papers and stuff. At the back of the store, there were some blackened watermelons and oranges. Sad……

Closed Until Further Notice…

Burnt Papers, Boxes and Stuff

I come to the Market at least twice a week. I got all my fruits and vegetables from here. Marina Farms is the only store in the area that sell many Asian ingredients, like Thai chilies, lemon grass, assorted mushrooms, daikon, Asian pears, and lychee. I don’t know where I can find all these stuff now. The worst is that I know almost all the staffs in there. I talked to the staffs all the time. I am so thankful that no one got hurt.

A mid-night 30-minute fire destroyed everything. According to a news article, Marina Farms can be closed for 6 months. I never knew the closing of the Market would have been an impact on me. Other than the fruits and veggies, I wouldn’t be able to see everyone in the Market. Marina Farms is part of my neighborhood and part of my life. It reminds me to never take anything for granted and cherish everything I have.

I wish Marina Farms can come back earlier, and I will be patiently waiting for it to reopen.

News article: Read


6 thoughts on “Marina Farms Closed Due to Fire

  1. Here’s a link to their FaceBook page. Go and tell them how much we miss them. I don’t have a FaceBook account because I think Zuckerberg’s an ass, but if someone with a FaceBook would go on their page and crosslink to this page, maybe they’ll find all the other blogs with comments too, and know that we’re all rooting for them to re-open as quickly as possible.

    I was thinking of buying a get-well soon card, signing it, and posting it on their front door. If anyone else wants to sign it, then they can go down there and write something on the card. If more people glue cards to the wood, that would be cool if they came down there and saw a hundred cards or more posted all over the wood on the doors & windows. Then they would definitely know we care.

    • Stentor, thanks for letting me know about the facebook page. I didn’t know they have one. It is good to be keeping up to date.
      And, I love your card idea. I am sure Marina Farms would be very happy to know that they have the supports from the community. 🙂

      • Thanks, I found another article online about the fire that said it was an electrical fire. My guess is those coolers that were behind the pineapples, cantaloupes, papayas, & watermelons that had ice cream, juices, & other goodies in them. The looked a little crammed in back there, inadequate ventilation for the condenser coils in back, probably one of them over-heated, or they had too many of them plugged into the same outlet. The north wall roof looked charred as well as a bunch of pineapples in the debris pile, so that’s my educated guess. I haven’t had time to go down there to post a card on the front door, but I probably will this weekend when I go shopping as I have to pass right by them to go to Trader Joe’s from CostCo.

  2. a little late maybe but you can get all of your asian ingredients at Mitsuwa japanese market at Centinela and Venice- not to far from Marina Farms

    • Thanks Plush! I actually go to Mitsuwa too. They do have most asian ingredients. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find thai chili.

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