Snack: Swiss Milk Chocolate (Lindt and Trader Joe’s)

A year or two ago, I was at a friend’s house. I was offered some Lindt milk chocolate. WOW! It was the best milk chocolate that I ever had in my life. But these were just Lindt chocolate…. Why did these taste different? It was because these milk chocolate were from Switzerland. My friend has a family friend who lives in Switzerland. Whenever that friend visits, he would always bring Lindt milk chocolate for souvenir. I say that would be one of the best souvenir you can get.

Lindt Milk Chocolate from Switzerland

The Lindt Swiss chocolate is very creamy and milky. The chocolate is also very smooth and it is not too sweet. I always find milk chocolate to be too sweet. Though, this milk chocolate is just perfect. I think the secret is in the Swiss milk. No matter what the special ingredients are, Lindt Swiss milk chocolate is amazing.

The closest chocolate that I have found in the US which has the similar flavor is Trader Joe’s Swiss milk chocolate. It also has the milky taste, but it is sweeter than the one from Switzerland. At the end, it is still very good and it is better than a lot of other milk chocolate. If you like chocolate, you have to try this.

Trader Joe’s Swiss Milk Chocolate


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