Pinkberry Alternative in Boston: BerryLine

I am sorry that I haven’t updated for two weeks. Bryan and I went on a last-minute trip to Boston this past weekend. There were definitely some delicious food in Boston. One of the most exciting found is BerryLine.

Since Bryan was in a conference meeting, I was wandering around Newbury street. All the sudden, I wanted to have dessert. On Yelp, BerryLine’s good reviews and Nutella frozen yogurt stood out. I knew I couldn’t pass it. But sadly, they don’t have Nutella flavor any more. They switches flavors all the time. They are currently offering original, pumpkin, lavender honey, and apple cinnamon.

Apple Cinnamon Yogurt with Pumpkin Bread Topping (front), Original Yogurt with Kiwi and Toffee (back)

I ordered a small pumpkin frozen yogurt. Wow…. It was amazing! The yogurt was very thick and creamy. There was a hint of pumpkin flavor. Compare to Pinkberry, BerryLine’s yogurt was a lot creamier and less tart. I love it, and I couldn’t stop eating. I couldn’t wait to introduce BerryLine to Bryan. The next day, I dragged Bryan to BerryLine right after dinner. I got the Apple Cinnamon flavor this time. It was even better. It tasted like apple cider. It was refreshing and tasty. It was a really well-developed flavor. The homemade pumpkin bread topping was also delicious. The bread was very moist. I like that they have homemade products for topping. This local own frozen yogurt place is truly a treasure. I really wish there is one in Los Angeles. I am going to miss it.

For the longest time, it is very hard to find any frozen yogurt that can compare to Pinkberry. Many of the frozen yogurt places are only focusing on the quantity, but not quality, like Yogurtland, Tutti Frutti, and Cherry on Top. Their frozen yogurt are watery and not very creamy. Those places do not really care about making good products, that is disappointing. But after BerryLine, I am glad there are some good alternatives out there.

Let’s hope BerryLine will come to Los Angeles one day……

Want BerryLine? Read


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