Apple Picking at Los Rios Rancho

It is Fall! It is time for apples and pumpkins. On Saturday, Bryan, my sister and I went to apple picking in Oak Glen Los Rios Rancho. We had so much fun, and we brought home tons of goodies. I have always wanted to go to pick fruits, ever since my parents took me to pick peaches in Beijing many years ago. Finally, I got to go!

Los Rios Rancho in Oak Glen, California

Los Rios Rancho is pretty big. Other than farm land, there is a store, bakery, sandwich shop, and petting zoo. We started off our schedule by picking apples. Choose, grab, twist and pull. We picked some macintosh, red delicious and pippin. We got 24 apples. Oh wow…. So many apples for the 3 of us.

After doing some works, we headed over for lunch. Their applewood smoked tri tip sandwich was delicious. The meat was very juicy and flavorful. The apple pie was good too, but I have had better. The store sells many different kind of homemade jams, butter and preserve. They all tasted good, but I didn’t get anything at the end.

Applewood Smoke BBQ

Tri Tip Sandwich

Jam, Butter, and Preserve Samples

My favorite part of the day had to be the press-your-own-cider. Bryan and I made our cider with an old-school machine. We grinded and pressed about 50 apples, and we got a gallon of yummy apple cider. The cider was amazing. It was sweet with a hint of tart, and most importantly, it was all nature and fresh.

Apples for Cider

Our Cider

It was a really fun day! I can’t wait to use the apples to make some great dishes!


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