Snack: Jacob’s Club Biscuit

Jacob’s Club Biscuit is one of my favorite childhood snack in Hong Kong. It is a chocolate covered biscuit. My favorite is the orange flavor one. A crunchy biscuit is covered with a thick layer of chocolate with a hint of orange. My love for the combination of chocolate and orange probably comes from here. It is not that easy to find these biscuits in the US. I haven’t had these biscuits for a long time until two years ago. My mom brought me some from Hong Kong. They were too good, and I finished them in a week. This time, my sister brought me back some more. There is also a new flavor that I haven’t tried before. It is the black currant flavor. It tasted like a chocolate covered raisin. I like it, but I still like the orange one a lot more. Hmmm…. They are so delicious. I think I am going to get and eat one now.

Club Orange Biscuit

Club Black Currant Biscuit

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