Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Lantern Picture from Last Year

Mid-Autumn Festival is my favorite holiday! This is the day that Chinese gather with families and friends to enjoy a great meal and some good time together. After dinner, the adults would sit around to talk and eat some mooncakes and fruits under the big bright full moon. The kids would play with their friends and show off their beautiful lanterns. And, all kids look forward to getting a brand new lantern every year. When I was a kid, I loved to play games with friends and eat some delicious mooncakes.

Other than that, mid-autumn festival is also my birthday on the Chinese calendar. It is a double meaning day for me. Even through I am very far away from my home town and family, I would continue to keep the tradition with me and share with Bryan. Tonight, Bryan and I will go for a short walk with a lantern, enjoy the bright full moon, and eat some mooncakes.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Enjoy the beautiful full moon with your family and friends!

Yolk-free Mooncake


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