Orange County Fair Fun and Food

Last Saturday, Bryan and I went to the Orange County Fair. Five years back, we went to the fair once. Because it was a really hot day, we didn’t stay there for more than 1 hour. In my memory, OC Fair wasn’t that fun. Man, I was wrong! I am so glad that we went this time. It was a lot of fun!!!

The really exciting thing was that I got to pet animals. The little chicks were adorable! But I was in love with the goats! Some of the goats really like to be petted. They walked close to Bryan and I to let us pet them. While being petted, they looked up at us and gave us some super cute looks… Awww…. I just couldn’t walk away from them.

Baby Goat

Other than the animals, it was nice to see all the strawberry, pumpkin, beans, cucumber, mango plants. It was a good reminder to show us what our fruit and veggie plants look like.


Of course, I have to take about the food. Because Bryan and I only have two stomachs, we couldn’t eat everything. We got a turkey leg, one roasted corn, one order of onion rings, and the fried oreo. The turkey leg was huge. It looked a bit dry, but it was actually very tender and juicy. The smokiness gave the leg some extra flavors. It was good! The corn on the cob was good too. It was something more refreshing. Onion rings just didn’t make it. The batter was thick, and the onions were not sweet. I enjoyed the fried oreo. Bryan said they were like stuffed donut holes. They were tasty. If I can eat more, I would have the chocolate covered bacon, the fried klondike ice cream bar, and funnel cake. For the fried butter, I just couldn’t imagine what it is like. No, thank you! Fried kool-aid? I am not a fan of kool-aid, so I don’t care much.

Giant Turkey Legs

Fried Oreo

Overall, I had a really good time. It was nice to walk around and see something cool. Next year? Yea, I actually want to go again! Heehee…. We will see.

Want to go to the OC Fair? Read

Hurry up! It will be closed on August 14th this year.


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