Healthier Kids’ Menu

Yesterday, it was announced that 19 chain restaurants in the United States would offer healthier meals for children. Each meal is promised to be under 600 calories with no soft drink and with two choices from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins or low-fat dairy. I think this is a great change. Instead of eating french fries, a kid would get apple wedges.

Will this change America? I don’t think so. Eating burgers or fried chicken are not healthy. But no doubt, this change is a great first step. Personally, I think it is all about parenting and parents’ choices. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure their children eat healthy. No matter what laws or rules the government has imposed, the parents are the one who decide. Eating out in fast food places all the time just wouldn’t do the trick.

The change should be started right at home. I think the first step is to create good habit. For example, parents can provide fruits for snack instead of chips and candies. It is good to cook with less oil, butter, sugar, and salt. Instead of fried chicken, we can switch to baked chicken. The chicken can still be very crispy. My friend, Cecilia, is the mom of a pair 3-year-old twins. She definitely helps the twins to develop some really good habits. I am very surprised to see that the twins would take an apple and just eat it like snack. The twins would have steamed salmon, steamed bak choy and rice for dinner. When the parents eat well at home and introduce good habit, the children would learn and follow. Don’t expect your children to eat an apple while you are eating fried food! Being a good model is the key to help your children to continue on a good healthy diet.

Don’t blame it on the government or fast food restaurants. It is all about us on how we make our decision. It is never too late to start a good habit. Steam some extra carrots for tonight dinner and you are on your way!

To learn more about the news of healthier kids’ meals: Read


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