Wisdom No More

Sorry that I haven’t updated much in the past week and a half. I had all four wisdom teeth removed last Monday, and I haven’t been myself. I don’t feel like cooking much. Hopefully, I will be back on schedule next week.

Was having the wisdom teeth remove painful? It was not too bad. I was awake during the whole process. The dentist just numbed my gum. The bad part was having the pressure in my mouth. My jaws almost couldn’t take it. But thank God, the whole thing was over within one hour. And, I didn’t have too much pain afterward either. I just took pain-killer for the first day. There was little pain here and there, but I can deal with it.

The soup diet was not fun at all. For straight 5 days, I had soups, jello, ice-cream, and more soups. There were not much flavors. The diet was very boring. If I didn’t have much appetite, soups may just be fine. But, I was hungry all the time. I really wanted to eat some delicious food. The most exciting moment was the tiramisu from California Pizza Kitchen. It was amazing and packed with layers of flavors. It definitely was the best mushy thing I ate in that week.

Right now, I am about 80%. I believe that I should be all healed by next week. I am a person who love crunchy and chewy food. I love my pizza dough a bit chewy. I like my pasta al dente. I enjoy eating chicken soft bones. This mushy thing just doesn’t make it. I can’t wait to eat some crispy and tasty french fries.

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